ABA Therapist/Technicians needed to do in home therapy with children living with Autism. Services are needed in the form of child centered instruction, family/care giver training of ABA strategies, involving behavior modification, life skills training, executive functioning skills. This is an IC position with “Make your own hours” benefits

The primary role of an ABA Therapists is to teach play, communication, self-help and academic skills to children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. An ABA Therapist works as part of a team, alongside the family and other therapists, and is supervised and trained by an ABA Program Supervisor.

The ABA Therapist works one-on-one with the child. Initially, the therapy takes place within the home however, as the child grows and develops, the sessions can take place elsewhere. For example, at kinder, school, shopping centres, playgrounds etc. Many of our clients are of middle school and High School age and require community/home/school cross training activities to promote socialization and cognitive awareness

The most important requirement for a potential therapist is a genuine interest in working with children with autism.

ABA therapy is more than just a part-time job and should not be considered as a means of earning extra income. It is a commitment as well as a potential career path for those interested in working long-term with children in the disability field.

Please submit your cover letter of interest, resume, and references to

subject titled: Human Resources/ABA

Patience, problem-solving abilities, creativity, discretion, the ability to think on your feet and lots of energy are general traits that exhibit an ABA therapist. A sense of humour, a positive outlook, the ability to accept constructive criticism and to be able to work independently and as part of a team is critical to the success of this role.

Moving the therapy outside of the home environment is an important part of the child’s education, as s/he needs to be able to generalise the skills developed within the ABA program to other environments, other people and to be able to cope with the distractions encountered in the outside world.

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