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What do you think of when you hear the word coach? Does it trigger images of gymnasiums full of sweaty teenagers and someone in a track suit with a whistle? Do you think of a coach as someone who teaches you specific athletic skills and training?

Well, yes that is the vision we have when we think of a coach, so let’s think back to that. What was the job of that coach? To instill specific skills and specialized training and help the members of their team develop technical expertise, right?

So, if you needed a coach back then to teach, encourage, train, and guide you towards mental and physical success… then why not continue in life on that same path? A life coach is an extension of the coaches you had when you were young. They’ll help you to:

  • Set performance targets
  • Cope with pressure and stress
  • Develop and maintain vision
  • Deal with negative beliefs that might affect performance
  • Maintain motivation
  • Analyze performance
  • and help you stay focused

So a coach is as much a trainer of the mind as they are of the body. We can’t play the sport for you, but we can help you set goals, assess your performance, guide actions to improve your performance, and keep you motivated and on track towards that goal of success.

The Process

The two key features of coaching are; through Conversations and Questions we will build an 8 step plan for enhancing your personal development.


Coaching is all about “powerful conversations” between you and your coach. Through powerful conversations both you and your coach will concentrate fully during the discussions, and direct their energies in a focused way. As the client, you’ll submit a coaching plan before the conversation, to outline key points of focus for the session and what you want to achieve during your coaching time. Then you will submit a coaching follow up after to ensure you have recorded and internalized fully the fruits of your conversation with your coach, including the action items you have committed to with your coach.


During the conversations with your coach, he/she will be asking “Socratic” questions. The Socratic form of asking questions, developed in the 5th century BC, Socrates used the power of questions to prompt his conversation partners to discover their beliefs and uncover logical errors.

Why Socratic Questions instead of dispensing wisdom or giving commands? Socratic questions are irresistible! Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, agree or disagree, but you HAVE to think! By asking these types of questions, we are shining a searchlight into the dark places of your mind. These questions force you to think for ourselves, think about what is being asked, and where we want to be headed? To focus our awareness on the current reality, self awareness of what is happening inside. “When people are told something, they do not have to think, and it raises little awareness, motivation, or creativity. Powerful questions raise all three.” – O’Conner and Lages

Powerful conversations with a coach reveals how you view things, how are you inspired, and what things may be blocking your progress. These questions will help us develop the right exercises and action plans to help you achieve your goals. Also, they will help to create a vision upon which to build your plan, thinking through things in a clearer and more balanced way.

So to work with me as your coach, expect a lot of conversations and questions. Much of the time these will take place on the phone, but they can also be face to face or online.

What to expect

Concrete, workable strategies:  As your coach, I believe in helping you to find concrete, workable strategies to help save you time and money, no more “re-inventing the wheel!”

Inspiration, Motivation, and Accountability: Having someone to inspire, keep you motivated, and accountable will save you far more money and time then you will ever spend on services.

Resources to succeed: You are a whole person and have all the resources you need to succeed. As your coach I will help you find solid strategies to access these resources and in doing so, will make a huge difference to you achieving success in all aspects of your life.

Flexibility in helping you find a solution: If what you are doing isn’t working, it’s important to try something else. There is always a solution! As your coach, I will help you to be flexible enough to find it.

Model successful performance: Coaches believe that if one person can do something, then anyone can learn it. As your life coach, I will help you model successful performance in order to rech excellence.

Be in charge of your own results: I believe that you are in charge of your own mind, and therefore your results. If you want your circumstances to change, you need to make changes in the only thing in your control; yourself. I will help you be in control of circumstances in your life rather than in their effect, so that you can be in charge of your own results.


By engaging a life coach, you are investing in getting guidance which will help you identify limitations in your own internal and external processes. You’re looking to find better strategies for doing things as well as, more productive ways of thinking about things; you’re looking to be motivated, inspired, and some accountability to help you take action and follow through on your goals. You’re wanting to break out of patterns that just aren’t working for you. There are no specific answers that can give you these results. They can’t be downloaded to your computer, or handed to you in the form of a report. They involve a process of interaction between you and a coach.

It’s like the old adage of teaching a person to fish instead of giving them the fish. Sometimes you just want the fish, and that’s why you might go to a consultant. But if you want to learn new fishing strategies, to help your long term success, happiness, and fulfillment…? That’s when you NEED A COACH!

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