IT’S IEP Time Again……

It's IEP Time!
It’s IEP Time!
  •  It’s IEP time!

Where did I put those report cards?

FAPE                IDEA

What was that teacher’s name?


Should we keep him in speech?




Don’t get caught in a rush, wondering what to discuss, not understanding a single word they say!

Call: specialneedsheader.jpg Special Needs NJ…. NOW!



Our experts can help you interpret those test sores, percentages, rankings etc…

But more importantly; we know the law!

If you’ve ever been afraid, intimidated, feel unsure,  bullied, unheard, talked down to and think your child needs a better written, more individualized IEP?

Don’t wait for the last-minute.

This is your child’s education!

Let’s get together, so this year you feel confident, prepared, educated, and not intimidated.

Our advocates are ready and waiting to serve you and your child. Not only will we meet you and your child in the comfort of your own home, but we will accompany you to the meeting at your school. We want to help educate you about the education your child has a right to receive within your home community. Negotiate and work with school professionals to ensure your child gets the best possible education that will address his/her disability “needs.” And not simply pigeon-holed into a one size fits all model of what the school thinks is representative of a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).


Call NOW!    973-534-3402      for your FREE consult





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