What are people saying

Dear Special Needs NJ,

Again thank you and Dr. Lisa for a great informative evening. It was 2 hours well spent! I have already shared with some colleagues, administrators and parents. I will be a voice for our children and their families. The news about and the information shared from your organization needs to be shared with many, many families and school districts.
     I want to be of assistance to you and your organization. Let me know how I can help. I believe churches and other places of worship along with Christian schools, and homeschool groups need to hear about Special Needs NJ!
     What you two presented the other night should be repeated over and over to these groups and individuals.
     Blessings to you, Dr. Lisa, and the others who made last evening such a blessed time for me personally. May our LORD use Special Needs NJ  in wonderful educational ways. I agree with you 100% it’s all about the child (and their families).
Serving the Great I AM,

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