Booking Summer Sessions

Special Needs NJ, LLP is now booking for summer tutoring:

  • ABA Therapy
  • Special Needs Tutoring
  • General Academic Tutoring
  • Summer care
  • IEP interpretation and prep

CALL NOW……………. 973-534-3402

Coming up in August 2013

  • Parents seminars

What will we talk about?

  1. Learn the “alphabet” of Special Education!

An educational forum for parents/caregivers to help you understand what all those abbreviations mean?

ABA, FAPE, LRE, PDD…. and hundreds more!

2. Understanding my child’s IEP

3. Where to find services

4. How do I organize all this paperwork?

We like to hear about what you need? Please email us at  and we will do our best to add it to our seminars.

Also, if you ARE interested in attending, please call or email us so we know how many attendees to expect.

Date and registration information to come.

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