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  • IEP Form
  • Social Skills Lessons
  • DT Trainer   Effective and affordable educational software for individuals with Autism and other learning disabilities
  • Association for Special Children and Families
  •  NJ DOE   Office of Special Education – The office implements sate and federal laws and regulations governing special education to ensure that pupils with disabilities in New Jersey receive full educational opportunities.
  • DSM-IV-TR: Diagnoses and Criteria for mental illness
  • Autism Diagnosis Criteria DSM IV TR
  • What is PDD?      The common link to all the disorders problems with communication and social interactions. The term PDD is still relatively new (1980’s). This results in confusion between PDD and PDD-nos. Pervasive Developmental Disorder in itself is not a diagnosis.
  • Rethink Autism     provides educational treatment solutions for children with autism spectrum disorders, aspergers, and pdd-nos learning disabilities
  • Special Olympics NJ
  • Morris County Challenger League
  • Disability and Addictions:
  • Disabled World Disability News and Information: The primary focus of Disabled World is to provide information and news to the Public, Disability Community and Organizations, as well as Disabled Rights Campaigners, via our News Service, Articles, Press Releases, and Videos. Our slogan “Towards Tomorrow” reflects on the fact that humanity is on its way toward the manifestation of global recognition of the rights and abilities of people with disabilities.
  • Good Learners – More than just a list of learning disabilities, Good Learners’ goal is to show how exceptional children with special needs truly are.  Although in most cases a learning disability is not curable nor can be fixed, with the correct support and intervention, children with LD can succeed in school and later in life.
  • Yellow Pages NJ for Special Needs Services See our listing and other professionals serving NJ
  • Rethink Autism
  • The Reading and Writing Project: The TCRWP offers a set of informal reading inventories for narrative texts which correlates to the Fountas and Pinnell system for leveling books. These assessments help teachers identify which level of texts students can read independently and will therefore be able to practice all the reading strategies they are learning during the Reading Workshop. The assessments provide an analysis of comprehension, miscues, and, fluency (fluency is only assessed for Levels J-Z).
  • Level Correlation Chart: This correlation chart illustrates how Reading A-Z levels approximately correlate to other leveling systems commonly found in leveled reading materials.    Printable copy
  • Guided Reading Leveling Chart
  • Text Level Correlation Chart
  • More reading level insight: Lexile Reader,
  • NJ Administrative Law Decisions
  • SEPAG: NJ State Mandated Special Education Parent Advisory Group
  • Interdistrict Public School Choice

    The  Interdistrict School Choice Program enables students to choose  to go to a  school outside their district of residence if the selected  school is  participating in the choice program. The  school choice  program offers flexibility to parents and students in selecting a   public school program that best meets the needs of the individual  student.  Choice students and their parents, as well as the students who reside in the  choice districts have benefited from smaller class  sizes, the establishment of  innovative programs, the expansion of  classes in art, music, literature and  technology, the increase in  instructional hours and/or days, and the enrichment  of the school  community through the addition of students of different  backgrounds and with different experiences from those of the district’s  resident  students. The school choice program is an outstanding example of the   department’s commitment to facilitate educational opportunities for the  benefit  of the children who are our ultimate clients.
    There are 107 school districts approved as  choice districts for the  2013-2014 school year. A list of these districts by  county may be found at the link in the yellow right-hand column labeled  “Approved Choice  Districts” or click on the link below:
    District participation in the program is optional. The decision to  participate  in the program by a school district is made by the local  board of education.  The district would then send an application to the  NJ Department of Education  for final processing and approval.
    The choice school sets the number of openings  per grade level. If  there are more students requesting admission to the school  than there  are available openings, the school will choose the students by  lottery.  Any school-age student who is a resident of  New Jersey is eligible to take advantage of this program.  For more comprehensive details on this new law, you may want to review it at The  Interdistrict Public School Choice Act of 2010.
    Transportation of up to 20 miles will be  provided to a student going to a choice school if the student meets the  eligibility requirements  of state law and the transportation will cost no more  than $884. If the cost of the transportation will exceed that amount, the  parent will be given the opportunity to pay the additional amount, or may  choose to  receive $884 as aid in lieu of transportation. If the school is  outside of the 20-mile radius, transportation will be the responsibility of the  student/parents/guardians. Information on choice school  transportation, the  definition of eligibility for transportation and  procedures for applying for transportation  services can be found at

    Interdistrict Public School Choice Program New Jersey  State Department of Education P.O. Box 500

    ovaas, I. O. (1987). “Behavioral Treatment and Normal Educational and Intellectual Functioning in Young Autistic Children”. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology , 3-9.

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The Whole Brain Child by Dan Siegel and Tina Bryson, Random House, 2011

No Drama Discipline by Dan Siegel and Tina Bryson, Random House, 2014

The Out of sync Child by Carol Kranowitz, Perigree, 1998

Sensational Kids by Lucy Jane Miller, Random House, 2014

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